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Alli and Kathryn are joined by their friend Kelsea to talk about DATING! More specifically, they chat about date ideas from the book "Is This The One? Simple Dates for Finding the Love of Your Life" by Steve Arterburn.  These concepts are helpful and creative tools to utilize while dating and searching for "the one". They are also great ideas to keep in your toolbox if you are currently single, or even to explore in a marriage!

"Is This The One?" feat. Kelsea

Alli & Kathryn dive into what Christianity (& Christians) might seem like from the outside looking in. They talk about common misconceptions people might have about the Church, and why they might have them.

Misconceptions of Christianity

Alli & Kathryn talk about the "spiritual vibes" they get from movies, shows, and songs/ books popular in today's culture. *SPOILER ALERTS* mentioned throughout, but nothing is too "spoiled"!

Gospel in Culture


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